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The Doctoral study

at the Department of Music, Faculty of Education MU:

The Department of Music organizes the doctoral study in programme Pedagogy Specialization/Music Theory and Pedagogy. Basic information about admission exam and conditions of study is available on the web board seen below:


The Field Council


Prof. Michal Košut, Ph.D.


Prof. PhDr. Jindřiška Bártová.
Prof. PhDr. Karel Steinmetz, CSc.
Prof. PhDr. Miloš Štědroň, CSc.
Doc. PhDr. Bedřich Crha, CSc.
Doc. PhDr. Zdeněk Marek, CSc.
Doc. Mgr. Petr Hala, Ph.D.
Doc. Mgr. Vladimír Richter
Doc. PhDr. Stanislav Střelec, CSc.
PhDr. Marek Sedláček, Ph.D.

Some Examples of Topics of Doctoral Works


  • Analyses of Music Works of 20th Century (The New Polish School)
  • Effect of Modal Improvisation on Reception of Music of 20th Century
  • Metamorphism of Syntheses and Phantasies of Bohuslav Martinů
  • Timbral and Posttimbral Instrumental Work of Krzysztof Penderecki (analysis)
  • Reception of Music Work
  • Problematics on Axiology in Art Work
  • Usage of Singing Technique at Reeducation and Rehabilitation of Voice Disorders
  • Piano cycle "Mikrokosmos" of Béla Bartók - Ccompositional, Formal and Didaktic analysis

The Study Plan

A. Obligate subjects: 

1st class

Estetika a obecná teorie umění                                 2 semesters Exam. 4+5

(Aesthetics and General Theory of Art)

Hudební pedagogika                                                2 semesters Exam. 4+5

(Musical Pedagogy)

Hudební psychologie                                                2 semesters Exam. 4+5

(Musical Psychology)


2nd class

Aplikovaná hudební sémiotika a sémantika                2 semesters Exam. 4+5

(Applied Musical Semiotics and Semantics)

Vztahy mezi jednotlivými druhy umění                       2 semesters Exam. 4+4

(Relations Between Particular Kinds of Art)


1st-3rd class

Cizí jazyk na úrovni C1                                             1 semester Exam. (on MU) 7

(Foreign Language on the level C1)

Odborná orientace v oboru

(Professional orientation in the Field of Study)            6 semesters Inclusion 6x5

Příprava disertační práce                                         6 semesters Inclusion 6x15
(Preparing of Dissertation)

Disertační práce Inclusion                                        18


B. Obligatorily Optional Subjects:


2nd class

Sociologické aspekty hudební kultury                       2 semesters Colloquium 3+3

(Sociological Aspects of Musical Culture)

Sémantická analýza hudebního díla                          2 semesters Colloquium 3+3

(Semantic Analysis of Works of Music)

Cizí jazyk na úrovni B1                                            1 semester Exam. (on MU) 5

(Foreign Language on the level B1)

Výtvarné umění 20. století                                      1 semester Exam. 5

(Visual Arts of 20th Century)

Doctorand chooses at least one subject from the group B in agreement with directions of his tutor.

C. Optional Subjects:

1st-3rd class

Počítačová notografie                                        1 semester Colloquium 3

(Computer Notography)

The list of subjects from group C may be anytime modificated in accordance with actual situation and need of doctoral work of student.

D. Individual program:

This program is focused on elaboration of the final doctoral work in accordance with the choosed topic had been approved by the field council. The program of this part of study is proposed by the tutor after adjustment with the student.

Passing all required examinations and inclusions is the condition for continuing in studying.


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